Friday, June 22, 2012


I miss my old room terribly.

#1 In a span of 1 week, I've found 3 new shoot locations around my area! ^_^

#2 Pictures of my new room will be up when everything is ready. I'm not doing very much of a revamp, but there'll be changes done! Stay tuned.





Anonymous said...

Heyyyy! Mind sharing some of the nice places in Singapore for shoots? Like jetties, parks or old run down buildings :) Excluding those you've been sworn to secrecy to :P Hope you can help! ^^ Also, do you know of any good photography mags/books/sites for tutorials? I'm just starting to pick up photography (:

Fiona Sng said...

Hey there! To be honest, most of my shoot locations are sworn to secrecy... Haha. Reason being my best friend and I have a hard time in discovering these places (either by chance or through hard work) and we usually have a hard time traveling down to these places and we don't want to give it away iike this. We actually tried to share it with one/two really nice readers before but in the end we got a lot of enquiries asking for the locations so we've decided to keep it to ourselves from now on. Hope you understand!

However, anywhere is possible for shoots. Honestly, I mean everywhere! I haven't been to much jetties before but I know of a long jetty at Woodlands Waterfront though I've been there, just not for shoots before. One of the new places I've discovered is a park just behind my house. I've also done a shoot at the neighborhood right below my old block.Try to take note of your surroundings, really anywhere is possible for shoots!

I can swear youtube is a good place to learn from! (: Spend some time on it! I haven't bought any books on photog by far... but the magazines I always buy from Malaysia (which is avail in Sg too, just more exp I suppose) are Digital SLR and PhotoYou and a few random others but these 2 are two that I will always snag off the shelves and I find them useful for me.

Work hard on it, and I'm sure you fall deeper in love with it in time to come! (: Hope that helps a little at least!

Anonymous said...

Hi! I remember you used to put a lil note before every post 'To eat place' / 'To go place', wondering if you're still willing to share the places you visit with your readers? Especially dining and places to chill! I'm sure most of your readers will appreciate it :-) We all understand that you might not wanna share some places, but do share as much as possible! It'd be nice that way :-) Have a happy week ahead!

Anonymous said...


Fiona Sng said...

Hello there! (: Thank you for the constructive comment. I appreciate it. Actually I still do state the places I go for dinner and all on my posts, but if it makes for easier reading I will do that again then! One of the reasons why I did away with that is cause my list in my organiser is so messy now and some numbers are jumbled up. Haha. But i'll rearrange it all and have it back up again. I'm always willing to share dining places! As for shoot locations, I'm willing to reveal some, while some are actually really public places that I thought everyone would have already known just by looking at the pictures. Next post onwards I'll list them down again (; Thank you for reading all these while (;

Anonymous said...

Hi! So which are the places for shooting that you're willing to reveal? :) And which lenses do you own!

Fiona Sng said...

Anon: Haha I don't know which one of you are thanking me but nevertheless, thank you too and you're welcome! (:

Anon: Hmmm, we'll see as the time comes if I state it alright? But it would be common places and not any of which that I have sourced for. I hope you guys understand that I would like to keep my shoots special, especially now that I've started freelancing. I own a couple of lenses but I mostly use my Sigma 30mm and Tokina 20-35mm! (: