Thursday, May 3, 2012

Epitome of friendship

My pictures do not do justice to: the fun we had onboard, the best BBQ ever tasted, the feeling of the wind slapping against your face and the fun frolicking in the cold sea. I don't have much pictures cause most of the time was spent in the waters and bopping to the music in the company of booze and cig. Love it that dinner was held at Spruce as I've been dying to head there. Our steaks were overcooked but overall it was alright, and the ambience made up for everything. Apologies for the badddd photos of Spruce, the lighting was too dim.

This yacht party marked Minghui's 21st was a blessing for all of us, and I give thanks because he placed all of us as priority with the intention of letting us let loose and have fun amidst the vast sea. Words can never convey how much I love this bunch that I would never trade anything for <3



Wenhui said...

I think we have the same maxi! Hehe :>

Anonymous said...

hi fiona! did your friend own the yatch or did y'all book the yatch? how much was it? thanks!!

Fiona Sng said...

Wenhui: Omg what are the odds! I bought mine in China hahaha. Guess what, my dress spoilt. The beads came apart ):

Anon: Hi there! My friend rented the yacht for a.. 5 hours block I think. It was about 900 or so inclusive of food and decorations, which was really pricey. I saw great deals on at around 500 bucks which offered pretty much the same as my friend's deal. You should take note of! <: