Monday, May 7, 2012

Dorami the Explorer's Day Out

And we finally got down to The Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum of Singapore (click to be directed to site) which was a real eye opener for us and perhaps I have been too ignorant but I've never once thought that not all turtles are kind, slow and harmless.

Shoving and pushing each other to get to the vegetables we're holding

And the turtles below are what I meant, kind, slow and harmless. NOT.

If I'm not wrong, this is the Pignose Turtle or something. Don't be deceived by its looks!

Look at this evil looking thing o.O This is the Medusa turtle and it's ferocious. I was extremely intrigued and spent a lot of time staring at this creature.

Seeeeeee, this evil looking thing is extremely quick when it comes to feeding and it was really scary. /: I don't think I've ever felt fear in the presence of a turtle ever.

This species is the one and only "smiling" turtle in the world (but no it isn't friendly) and it has to snorkel to breathe as it's a bad swimmer and it needs to come up to the surface in order to breathe.

Onward to Jcube (which was extremely boring except for nice eateries) for Pique Nique! <:

I should have taken the White Wine Prawn Aglio instead of the Beef Goulash /: Wanted to try something new instead of my usuals... Well, curiosity killed the cat.

D's Shrooms Burg was daaaa bomb! <:

My Beef Goulash
Red Velvet Cupcake for the sweet tooth (:

I can't believe school is commencing in a few days' time and I was deluded into thinking that my holidays are longer than that. Well, at least my holidays were really fruitful and I did pretty much everything that I wanted to accomplish -pats self on back-. (: I cannot be more relieved that I'll be in the same class as Abby for the new sem. Life is getting better ^_^ This site will be undergoing a revamp, so stay tuned for its new look! Happy holidays, y'all!


Anonymous said...

Your shoes are super cute! Mind sharing where you got them?

Fiona Sng said...

Hi, I love them too! I got them from Gojane close to 2 years ago..!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reply! ^_^

Anonymous said...

I've the skirt from F21 too and you've been looking good. Hope life's been treating you well and wa, it's been sucha long time since i commented!!!

Fiona Sng said...

Anon: Aww, thats very sweet of you! (: You are very welcomed!

Rubz: Omg I am the bad friend ): so sorry I haven't visited your journal in awhile toooo! And yes I love the skirt hehe (: Bet you'll look awesome in it too!