Friday, February 3, 2012

Words can't say what a love can do

Swiss Culture
3 Temasek Boulevard
#03-006 Suntec City Mall

Tel: +63335919

D's first flyer experience ever with thanks to my friend's free tix for us. For dinner, he brought me to Swiss Culture for our monthsary. His swiss cheese pasta is highly raved and we felt that it was nice but it got too filling after awhile. I swear the Cheese covered scallops with aglio olio linguine was fab. (:

I've become more or less a woman of little words lately.. Or maybe I'm just feeling tired and I only take comfort in having some private time alone and staying home all day playing my Infinity Blade 2. Any fellow fans out there? My assignments are piling up but I'm still dwelling in my little comfort bubble. February is here again... and I am reminded of things that I should learn to forget but haven't been quite successful in doing. For those who've been reading this site since my livejournal days would know that February used to be my favorite month which held so much love for me...

All gloomy things aside, my January and February are madly packed with 21st parties to attend/ plan for. I wouldn't say I'm happy... but things have been picking up a little for me. Never imagined myself to be saying this but I actually feel a little positivity in me.

You gave me something when I was close to nothing.
Thank you, xx.


sgrmse. said...

hey, just wanted to let you know.. i follow your blog on gfc so your blog updates show up on my dashboard but every time i click your posts individually, the alignment of your entire sidebar gets wonky. idk why :s i view your page on safari. just thought i'd give you a heads up ((:

nice pics!!! the lomo(?) is sweeeet.

Anonymous said...

Hey babe, I have been wondering how did you accept a new relationship while your ex still kinda affects you in a way. Doesn't your new boyfriend mind? Sorry if I sounded offensive. I have been your reader for years and it's sad to know that you guys didn't manage to tie the knot. I was really hoping for that to happen one day. I am just curious as I am almost in same situation as you. My friends have been constantly reminding me "don't get attached only when you feel lonely." I am also afraid that it won't be fair for the new party. Would like to hear your point of views. Please advice! :)

Fiona Sng said...

Sgrmse: Hi dear, thank you for the heads up! I'm aware of it actually, but haven't gotten round to get my friend who did the layout for me to correct it for me as she's been really busy! But I'll get it corrected asap, I know how much of an eyesore it can be. Thank you once again for being nice <: I really appreciate it!

Anon: Hi dear, I guess I could go on forever on this but not here in the comment box.. I'm willing to share my view if you'd email me? (: I'd try to help you out if I can! You can reach me at: ( Please don't laugh (: )