Saturday, February 18, 2012

Vietnam 2011/2012

1) I will spare the descriptions here but to sum it up, the trip was not quite enjoyable, and the photos are lousy. The idea of going Vietnam with a tour group was the mom's and aunt's idea and my cousins and I tagged along (never liked the idea of a tour group), our tour guide was nice but she's a newbie and she has little understanding of the history and half the time I wish someone would elaborate more but she didn't and the food was terrible.

2) Never once liked tours cause we visit contrived attractions that mass tourists favor and experience ugly commercialization, and that was not what I was looking for in Vietnam. I wanted very much to go to Hanoi. And worse still, the tour was conducted in chinese so half the time I don't quite know where we are headed to cause they didn't follow the itinerary either.

3) Some of the touristy places we went to were nice though, and I can't deny that. I love museums and temples and anything historical/sacred and all so I loved that part of it but the rest of them were just terrible. Everyone was grumbling about the trip at the end of it.. /: But anyway, it's my first to Vietnam and I hope my next would be with my school mates to Hanoi free and easy! <:

Gotta scoot, I'm heading out to party tonight! Great weekend, everyone!xx


Jacqueline said...

Chanel Chance! <3<3 My second bottle too!

amanda said...

haha i guess tour groups tend to ruin everything!

imho hanoi is not worth staying at for more than 2 -3 days; i got really bored after the second day there and my family spent approximately 5 days in the city ( even though we went to other places inbetween, haha )

oh and i found the prison museum in hanoi to be very "glossy" i.e. nothing of real substance. the exhibits in there feels rather covered up but i guess that's what happens in most war museums.

Fiona Sng said...

Jac: I HAVEN'T STARTED USING omg hahaha I'm trying to finish my old bottle (I think it's Chanel Mademoiselle) before I open this! So excited (: I went back to Ivic today!!

Amanda: Yesssss, totally hate commodified tours. I believe there'll always be cover ups in such exhibits to conceal certain things.. Sigh. But I'm really sure your trip was much better than mine. I don't even think I have really "been" to Vietnam yet. /: