Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Love Chase

Awesome room with an indoor pool (:

..... and a little peak hole! That's the shore below our feet during low tide.

We spent all our time swimming and lazing around the pool since there is nothing much to do there. The sea is too dirty for anyone to step foot in.

View from the bath room! We changed and went out for a walk, took some photos and went for dinner at a Japanese Restaurant that is overly priced /: There are no F&B outlets located nearby the hotel and it left us with no choice but to dine at the hotel restaurant.

I shall spare him the embarrassment of putting up a GIF of him smiling while sitting on the buoy and then overturning cause he lost his balance.

My self drawn luggage tag ^_^

Compare and contrast the difference between low tide and high tide. It sure as hell looks icky without the water.. /:

My verdict for the trip: A 2d1n stay is way more than enough, and I got this deal off at a cheap price. I like the Grand Lexis cause we get an indoor pool to kill boredom (+++point), and the place is really nice. I wouldn't say the rest for the other resorts though, and the beach is known for being filthy so it really would be a real bore without any other entertainments. It's a nice place to go to for the experience but I probably wouldn't return there again.

Shots from the Olympus:

He is going to kill me for this shot.

So! I just returned to Sg today after spending my New Year in Vietnam, which I have been planning to visit the whole year round (more on that next time). I love time spent with family overseas. I've also realized that I did fulfill another of my 2011 resolution of traveling more. This year, I will go on to explore even more places on my list, and to take better photos hopefully. School is starting soon.. which would mean having more to juggle. A whole new school term without any familiar faces again.. I don't even want to think about it.

How was your New Year?



Amanda said...

this picture ( is so beautiful! and glad you look so much happier now! (: please stay this way xx

Jacqueline said...

hehehehe. Des look so funny! He told me nothing interesting. But I think is a good idea for a one night stay! <3<3

sgrmse. said...

nice chanel pendant. and the trip looked like so much fun! :D :D must be nice to have a default travel-buddy. (y'all are too cute together) HAPPY 2012!!

Fiona Sng said...

Amanda: Hello dear! Haha actually I am not... but I cry lesser now. (: Still trying to be happier and move on though! And thank you xx

Jac: HAHAHA HE LOOKS LIKE A JOKE!! It would be nice if it's just for a night's stay for the experience (: Book Grand Lexis/ Water Chalet (diff names but it's the same) k! I had a glimpse of the other resorts and they looked boring and old.

Sgrmse: Hi dear, I forgot to ask for your name the other time! And thank you, it was a nice trip to just relax and do nothing. Happy 2012 to you too! xoxo

Anonymous said...

hi babe! are you attach again? glad to see you're happy now! :D

Anonymous said...

did you manage to move on and found another guy whom you love? i hope you do!

Anonymous said...

heyy feee! when are you together with D? :DDDDD happy together!! :) happy for youuuu!!

Wenhui said...

Love these photos! ^^ And I need a getaway so badly :<

Anyway all the best for your new school term! You will pull through :)

Fiona Sng said...

Hi all, I wish I could tell you how happy I am now but I'm not. I am attached again, with D. Pictures are deceiving haha. It's my feeble attempt to move on and carry on with life because I can't go on waiting forever for someone who has already moved on completely and happily, much as I would love to. I believe in meeting a soulmate only once in a lifetime, and I've already met mine but I wasn't a good gf. I'm not sure how things would go with D, but I figured I should give him and myself a chance cause he has been really nice. I haven't forgotten the past and I doubt I ever will. ):

Wenhui: Thank you thank you dear! You can go to Port Dickson/ Cameron Highland for 2d1n getaway! Haha (: I hope I will... I heard the new teacher is a menace. Lessons will be dreaded from now on. SIGH. ALL THE BEST TO YOU TOO SWEETHEART (:

Jacqueline said...


Fiona Sng said...

HAHA what places are you referring to!!