Friday, January 20, 2012

My Perfect Sanctuary

The before- Which I miss terribly. I had those furnitures and slept on that bed since I was 8. I can't believe it's that old when it honestly looks as good as new still when I moved them out of my room. But I've already had the idea of a revamp since 2 years back, and I didn't want to wait anymore especially when I've already started purchasing little knick knacks for my new room.

This is my wardrobe displaying the colored section. I am quite anal about the arrangement of my clothes and I hate it when it is not sorted out according to colors. I'm OCD like that, and very particular about cleanliness and neatness.

One thing that I am displeased and have no control over? The ugly inconsistent hangers. My mom bought them so I just used them cause I am always running out of hangers.

The upper section of my wardrobe- The blazers, jackets, sweaters on the left and all the black apparels that took up the entire rack.

My jeans, home wears, bags, lingeries, swim wears, are on the other half of the wardrobe and they aren't featured here.

Rings, bracelets, necklaces

Earrings collection!

My favorite part of my room is also the view I wake up to everyday (:

1) Storage boxes from IKEA which does an amazing job at keeping all sorts of junk from the public eye 2) Red breakfast table 3) Frame from a friend and Dry Cabinet

My best friend, Eileen, made the frame for me for my 16th birthday. I love it so much I had it placed in my room even though it isn't white. And of course, my Dry Cabinet which is in black.

A sneak peek into my drawer of cosmetics/ skincare products.

A clock that is big enough for me to not squint at every morning

A vintage looking telephone which I love, it was a gift from Kai. It is a real functioning phone, it's just that I didn't have it installed in my room so it's there as a display right now.

This is my tiny work desk drawer that is filled with pens, markers, stickers and my 2012 kitty organiser.
An extremely thoughtful and cute handmade birthday gift from Samantha perched on my desk which now stores rolls of films I have yet to develop. It serves its purpose as a little reminder box for me to put little items in it so I wouldn't lose them.

My name sewn by the mother when I was 4. I kept it properly all these years and had it reframed last year. I vividly remember her sitting on the sofa in our old apartment and watching her sew the alphabets and bears. I remembered when she was sewing the 'O', she pointed to it and asked me what alphabet is this and asked me to make a guess whose name is it. (,:

My bedside table and tiny work desk

Another favorite of mine is this white/corkboard at my desk. I bought the magnets and decorated the board on my own. Please do not ask me where I got the "Inspire" and "Dream" wood blocks from either. I got them on impulse cause it was beautiful even though I had no idea what to do with them, I just knew they will go on the walls of my room. I brought it home, surveyed it and decided to paint them pink and stick them onto the board. I really love how it turned out. If you have me on instagram, you would have already known that the cork board side is already filled up with instax prints. (:

1) I bought 2 different kinds of bedsheets for my room. 2 sets of pure white and 1 set of purple bed sheet. The whole idea of the revamp was to make it an all-white room, but when I embarked on the revamp, I wanted it to be all dark and mysterious. I wanted my room to be filled with scarlet and purple tones but I couldn't give up my dream and the most I could do was to buy a set of dark purple sheets so I can have the best of both worlds (as much as possible, at least)!

2) I am anticipating questions on where I bought my stuffs from, and I will answer them now. I didn't purchase everything from Ikea. My tiny work desk, bed side table and drawers are from Ikea (along with other small tiny knick knacks e.g. lamp) but the rest of my furnitures aren't. I spent slightly more than $2k on my room excluding the cost of my wardrobe since my parents paid for that.

3) As much as I could, I changed all that I could. No renovations were done though! My curtains, even though I don't like them) are still relatively new since my parents just got them changed about a year ago. I love the whiteness of the room, but I have to say there is a price to pay for it. I am extremely lazy and it didn't help that I have to wipe my room every one to two months because dust particles are extremely visible on white furnitures. The other favorite part of my room has got to be my headboard! ^_^

4) It may seem easy but it definitely wasn't easy conceptualizing everything from scratch and working within budget but I'd say I didn't regret it one makes me feel a whole lot better about waking up and when I've had a bad day, I take comfort in retreating into my own perfect sanctuary. It's so important, to me, to have a space that you love.

I hope this inspires you to revamp your own little space as well!

By the way, which do you guys prefer? The all white outlook or the purple? (:

Have a happy CNY!


Jacqueline said...

*Wink* I have a set of Purple bed sheet too!

Tinglei said...

I wanna sleep on that bed and hug you to sleep again! Hehehe

Elly said...

The wall decal is definitely the most favorite part of all! And the white princessy theme! :D

Amanda said...

Your room looks really different now! Love it and it looks like a wry inspirational space to have! :)

sgrmse. said...

why can't people ask where you got the decal and the words on your corkboard from? lol. not that i wanted to ask, i guess. i'm just asking coz reading "don't ask me where i got it/them from." amused me. is it coz you don't want others to have the same? lol. good revamp!! i'm jealous. i keep meaning to re-do my room but i just can't see it happening without taking out all the furniture (in other words, renovating). i love that your hangers are colour co-ordinated. overall, really a very good job! WELL DONE.

Wenhui said...

So pretty!! I've always wanted to revamp my room but I am just too lazy to get down to it >.<

Ruby said...

Your room so pretty and i'm waiting for my wall stickers which happens to be similar to yours!!!

Please invite us over soon, <3

Anonymous said...

Hehe! I am embarking on a room revamp project too but it's gonna be pink and white:) I like your jewellery stand! May I know where you get the frame on your bedside table?

Anonymous said...

Hi there, may i know where did you get your headboard from? i've been looking for this for ages! (but in red) those i found are so gaudy and ugly! :(

Anonymous said...

Hey, may i know where you get the red breakfast table? Dying to get one!!!! Thank you :)

Fiona Sng said...

Jac: Hehe my favorite color! <:


Elly: I love it that its kinda princessy too (which wasn't intended actually!) and thank you Elly!

Amanda: It is! My old room was so dark and gloomy and I wanted something radically different! Thank you dear (:

Sgrmse: Haha yes I didn't want everyone to buy the same thing! I'm kinda selfish cause I really love the decal! You should revamp it! Don't be lazyyyyy (: And thank you for your kind words (:

Wenhui: Haha Wenhui, don't be lazy too! I swear you will wake up feeling better each day (: I channelled all my energy/sadness from breaking up into revamping my room (:

Ruby: I will!! <: And omg serious? I can share with you where I got mine! In any case you wanna purchase others you can! But not here of course (: You can text me!!

Anon: Hello dear, I got my jewel stand from Ikea (: And yay, I'm happy for you! Feel free to share with me the outcome of your efforts (: I would love to see your new room!

Anon: Hi, I got it from a furniture shop in Toa Payoh. Truth be told, it's everywhereeeeee when I was buying my bed/headboard/bedframe! Almost all the shops I went to carried them, and I was told it's the "latest design" now (not that I care whether it is the latest or not) but the furniture shops in IMM (the highest level) carry these headboards too! I saw it in red before (: Hope that helps!

Anon: Hi, I got it from Ikea! <:

Anonymous said...

Oh my god serious?? thank you! how much did it cost you anyway? the last i heard something like that costs quite alot! (headboard)

Fiona Sng said...

You're welcome! <: Hmm I'm not sure how much the headboard costs, cause I bought everything at a discounted package price! But yes, it costs more than other headboards but such design varies! There are a lot of different designs, materials etc and it also depends on where you buy it from. (: IMM marked up the price by a hell lot! I think you can start by looking at smaller furniture shops (: It's cheaper over there!

Anonymous said...

hi babe!
do you know any website that has personalize name necklace? :D

Yilin said...

Hi babe, your room is super pretty!!! Love how neat things are, how they blend tgtr and the colors you chose :)

Fiona Sng said...

Anon: Hi dear, sorry I didn't realize I missed out your comment! has it! <:

Yilin: Hi Yilin! Do you happen to be any Yilin that I personally know? (: Thank you! I wish I could make it better but I'm constrained by budget as I paid everything through my nose. But thank you!! <: <: <:

Anonymous said...

Love your room!!!

Fiona Sng said...

XIE XIE NI! <: I guess all my efforts paid off! <:

Anonymous said...

purple! It adds a pop of color to your room!

Fiona Sng said...

Anon: That's what my aunt and some of my friends said! <: Thank you for your input! I think it's nice to switch around every now and then isn't it! <:

Anonymous said...

hi fiona, where you got your dry cabinet frm? any brand and how much was it?

Fiona Sng said...

Hi there, it's a 50L Digi-Cabi which I got from Alan Photo at Funan Mall for hundred over dollars.. I can't remember the price already!