Sunday, December 4, 2011

With a perfect dream

National Museum Adventure and my love for $1 chocolate ice cream in a cup

I'm functioning on 6 hours of sleep in total for the past 2 days and I almost collapsed before my paper today. One last paper to go on Friday night and I'm already in a desperate bid for freedom. I'm getting a tad too excited for next weekend and all other plans with my girls.
You can follow me on Instagram- Smittenpixels for more regular updates! Well, after my last paper anyway that is. I feel like a scumbag for saying this, and as much as I miss my qwerty keypad, iPhone pwns BB big time. I'm too absorbed with my phone most of the time that D has been complaining... should have jumped on the bandwagon long ago.

With each day, I try to move on. One step forward and two steps back. I'm really tired and afraid. I can't believe I've been reduced to the state where scrolling through my iPod hurts cause every song brings back painful memories of its own, and I resort to playing games on my phone instead. I need to clear my head. Been running on empty for too long. My favorite month and I'm constantly crying my heart out.

I'd give everything to go back to last December.


Anonymous said...

Aww.. desmond look so cute in here!

Anonymous said...

Previous comment from me. JACQUELINE!

Anonymous said...

hi babe! do you mind doing up a post of your room? i'd love to see your revamped room! :DDDD

Anonymous said...

hey girl! do you know anywhere that sells toy camera? :) & all the camera collections?

do you collect toy camera too? :)

Fiona Sng said...

Jac: HI DARLING <3 Hahaha LOOKS ONLY. LOOKS ARE DECEIVING! Don't boost his ego <: Hahaha

Anon: Hello wello, yes definitely! I am waaaaitttting to do a post on it but I'd need more time cause I'm intending to photograph a really detailed before and after and some of my makeup products that readers have requested before! <: I'll put it up in time to come!!

Anon: Hey there, I know that the 3rd level of Tangs (I can't remember which level..) sells lots of lomo cameras, as well as Peninsula Plaza and Sunshine Plaza! <: Do check these places out! I used to, I have a few but I lost interest in them... Haha I wanna invest in my digital now (: Better to think twice before you spend too much on them, a few would be fine I'd say! Cause I don't think the novelty would last long for everyone, I'm an example. Haha

Anonymous said...

oh dear, how did you pick up those skills for using photoshop? i'm having a hard time learning! did you went for course or something? :D

Fiona Sng said...

Haha if I went for a course, you should be expecting way more out of my photos than just these mere lousy skills ( I wouldn't even dare to call em skills... /:) I learnt it all by myself through trial and error (: Jiayou!

amanda said...

love your photos, as always (: *hugs*

hehe and yes i'm going to vietnam next thursday ( sapa and hanoi and halong bay i think ), how about you? (:

Fiona Sng said...

Thank you!! (: /hugs back

Woohoo have fun!! I am going on the last day of the year, 31st dec! <: I can't remember the itinerary but I think it covers Ho Chi Minh, Mekong River etc! It's a tour group that my mom and aunt booked and we're tagging along! Haha <: