Saturday, November 26, 2011

Waiting for some magic (Part Two)

make animation

Second half of the TLA shoot

The idea of a supermarket shoot has been on my mind forever, and I'm so glad TL had the exact same notion. We wanted something different from the usual. If we could, we would have stolen the trolley and brought it somewhere for a shoot. I'm not entirely pleased with the photos, I just felt that it didn't exude the feel that I had wanted but there are some shots that I liked a lot.

Anyway, my EOY exams are nearing so I'll be spending the next few weeks studying. On a happy note, I received two distinctions for my law assignment and mid semester test..! Rumour has it that we scored the highest in our class for our group project. I'm so proud of us all ^_^ Time has its way of slipping by, and our first trimester is coming to an end pretty soon...I'm gonna miss my team.

Back to burying my head in the books ):
Great weekend to all of y'all!


Amanda said...

Love this dear! :)
And grats on the results, glad your hard work paid off! :)

Wenhui said...

Love this series! ^^

Anonymous said...

Hi Fiona. Your photos are really really great! :D Keeping improving~!

Anw, i wanna ask. Where do you get your hair cut and dye?

Fiona Sng said...

Amanda: Thank you, Amanda! <:

Wenhui: I like this toooo! :D Xie xie!

Anon: Hi dear, thank you for your kind comment. I will strike to improve further! <: My hair is in dire state of a new life. It's gross now. I usually trim it at home (by mom ) or a home salon that I frequent since last year! The rates are reasonable and it's pretty good! <: Probably going to get my hair dyed and cut soon!