Monday, December 12, 2011

Summer adventure in the forest

TL and I donning our fairy wings which we got at a steal for approx 2.50sgd each (:

I need to set some time aside to do a reflective letter for the year 2011.. how time flies. School's out for now and I am in the midst of mapping out my holidays and the list of things I would like to accomplish before the new year begins. Hopefully I'd stick to my to-do-list and to finish up on a few novels that have been placed on hold for too long.

The weekends had been amazing, from going on shopping spree, beating every single race in Need For Speed, to meeting crazy lovely people at a gay club, telling me that I'm pretty and another who grabbed my hair and said that I have crazy smooth hair.... Might have been flattered if they are straight. It was even better meeting an old friend whom I haven't seen for 4years and the first thing he did was to wrap me up in an embrace. To top it off, X'mas came a little earlier for me this year when Mr Santa presented me with my first Tiff & Co! (: Thank you, D.

Cheers to December <3


Amanda said...

Great series and coloured! I miss fun shoots like these :(

Anonymous said...

I supposed those photos with you in it are shot by TL? Just wanna comment tt I really like her perspective of shooting :) Nice photos anyway!

Fiona Sng said...

Amanda: Tqtq <: I'm sure your fashion shoots will turn out even better! Keeping my eyes peeled <:

Anon: Hi yes they are taken by TL! I agree that her skills are improving by leaps and bounds! Photos with me are all taken by her (except those of white nails which are her nails) and most photos here are of me cause I ended up deleting most of the photos I took that day cause I wasn't pleased with them. Thank you too!

amanda said...

these are all so adorable, hehe :3 i like the 4th last one the best.

have a great december, fiona! (:

p/s: where did you get your shoes from?