Tuesday, April 29, 2014

This time is forever, love is the answer (part two)

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Here's the second part of the pre wedding shoot that I did for Jane and Daniel last year. 

To continue from where I left off, we were very blessed with good weather for two consecutive days of our shoot. 

On the second day, Jane and I happened to be left alone in the car for almost 30 minutes when Daniel had to top up his cash card and we weren't near any of the topup machines. With all honesty, I hadn't expected us to strike up a conversation that personal with Jane. I thank all my lucky stars that we are both Leo girls. Plus point: Both our boyfriends have the same name! Intrigued by both our beliefs in horoscope, we started an endless topic about ourselves and our relationship which slowly led to our families and we found a ridiculous amount of similarities between us. 

As for Jane and Daniel, they met through a mutual friend when Jane was about 19 and here comes the unexpected truth- Daniel is 11 years older than her. What I did not know, was the amount of obstacles they met with in their five years relationship. They were supposed to get married last year, but an unfortunate event happened and they had to postpone it till this year. Jane spoke of their relationship and marriage with so much hope and love in her voice, and she told me she couldn't wait to get married and start a family with Daniel. I almost teared. She told me about her family's objection to their relationship in the very initial stage because of their age difference, but they overcame every bit of it together. I wish I could share the more personal side of their story with you guys, but some things should be kept private. Jane isn't someone who opens up very easily, and I'm glad she trusted me enough to share the private stories of her life with me.

Now 24 and 35, they are happily married and have just gone for their honeymoon in Maldives. I've also done processing their actual day wedding images and handed them over to the couple. (: Everyday I'm still in awe that this awesome couple chose me to document their love. Honestly, I still think that I dreamt it. Forever grateful for this honour I shall be.

Looking back at these photos, I could pinpoint in so many ways what I could have improved on but I guess that's how it's meant to be. There's only progression and improvement when you learn from your past mistakes. It's about 9 months since we shot this entire series, and I can't help but marvel at how quickly time has flown by. Till date, I'm in amazement how fast 2014 has passed, and it certainly feel like the quickest year ever yet. This year, I'm working on bringing Smittenpixels Photography to new heights, and I'm fulfilling what I had promised myself. It's been a great year thus far, and I cannot wait to reveal what I have in store soon! Loads of plans installed for the next 2 months and sometimes the work load gets a little too much to bear, but I'll just have to tell myself that it'd all be worth it. 


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