Monday, April 21, 2014

This time is forever, love is the answer (part one)

"And maybe we can find our own slice of heaven close to the sun."

For three days before this shoot, I was praying fervently for good weather and for everything to go smoothly. This always happen prior to a shoot and my brain goes into an overdrive. 

The other time I had a shoot at the same location, the sun was completely hidden behind the clouds so I was really hoping for a miracle that day. Prayers do work wonders. Jane and Daniel had painstakingly prepped a number of props they would like to feature for the shoot and they were so full of hope for the day. I rarely had to give directions to the couple. When the evening glow from the sun became more pronounced towards the later time in the evening, Jane and I could a barely contain our excitement together. The most magical moment is evident in the last photo- the sun rays igniting where their lips touched. 

I have pretty sensitive skin, and trudging through tall grasses for shoots often result in itch around the feet area and I'm often deadbeat at the end of a shoot from all the running to and fro across the big field. The entire day was worth it, and the golden light that lit up the entire field was breathtaking coupled with the chemistry between Jane and Daniel made it all the more extraordinary. 

I'll share more about their story in the second part of the post.

Keep your eyes peeled (:

Thank you once again to everyone who has participated in the Rakuten giveaway! I've narrowed down the three winners and I'll be contacting you guys by email over the next few days. Do give me some time to sort out my stuffs. 

Good week ahead everyone!


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Anonymous said...

Hello Fiona.. I really love this set of pictures... I've emailed you a couple
of days ago. But have yet to get a reply. Could u email me your rates instead?