Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sundates are made of up of these

Sundays are made up of happy dates and good food and one of my favourite places to visit is none other than The Sushi Bar which I presume most people have already heard of or visited. My love for Menkajiki Sashimi can override my love for salmon at times. How can anyone not love this..? It's so crazily succulent and juicy. Orgasmic is an understatement.

The bf's favourite Sirloin Steak, and well, it's mine too. We've had this a couple of times and each time just gets us hooked onto it even more. There are times when we sit and fantasise about how we'd just order one KG of this each if we were to strike lottery and eat this non stop. You have to be there to try this for yourself, I promise. D is not even a big fan of steaks to begin with and I think this has topped his list for now.

I think this was D's Soft Shell Crab Maki...?  I vaguely remembered about this dish probably cause I was too happily digging into the rest. /:

Happy boy with his food!

Hotate salmon aburi <3 I'd kill to have this all day and night. Best of both worlds combined in one.

The Sushi Bar
14 Scotts Road, Far East Plaza #03-89
Singapore, Singapore 228213

Mon - Fri: 12:30 - 15:00, 17:30 - 21:00
Sat: 12:30 - 21:00
Tel: 9653 6464

I'd say it's good to make reservations early cause it's always always full house when I visit and the queue can take up to 2 hours at times, which isn't too good when you are famished. Go try it if you haven't! (: It's one hot spot now for many of my friends and I!

Oh lookie what I've found while we combed the streets after a fulfilling meal. Both our favourite old school chocolate!

All photos here taken with the X100S

Oh my, only looking at my nails in the pictures reminded me of how backdated these photos are. Weekends have been a little brighter for me since I've decided to be kinder to myself by allowing an (almost completely) off day so I can balance my work and personal life a wee bit. Too much work drives me up the wall at times, and it makes me all frumpy and wrecked. I've so much to share now that my weekend adventures have resumed- living up to my self proclaimed 'Adventure Loving Weekender' name back then. Many places we have been exploring and good food places we've been eating at. My Bali post is still yet to be up..... Grr.

This year didn't exactly start off on the right foot for me, especially with the damaged phone. I'll be back on track with my social media accounts when I get a new one by this week hopefully. I've so many plans installed for this year, and I am willing myself to churn everything out on time. All good things take time, I just need to remind myself that. Anyhows, everything else has been wonderful. I like how things are starting to fall into place bit by bit, and I'm starting to see what is in stall for me.

(: Hope everyone's had a good start to the year!


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