Monday, March 11, 2013


Wardrobe: Quinze
Models: Erica and Shanice Ang

Here are some photos taken back in November 2012 for Quinze's first outdoor shoot, which I honestly really liked back then but looking at them now I think I could have done it better in many ways. /: I presume that's good cause that means improvements so I decided to just blog about it here anyway! I loveeee their styling, perhaps cause it's more similar to what I would wear/ would like to wear and Erica and Shanice can really pull of the entire look well. Also loving my job because it brings me back to a lot of places that I used to explore when I was younger and freer, and it's been a long long while since I last stepped foot into this mozzie infested place. Good ol' memories!

I'll start working on my Shanghai photos soon! In the mean time, I'll put up some ip4 pictures of China in the next post as teasers! I can't wait to share my joy when I get to explore new grounds with my camera, and this time round it has snow! Forgive me, it's my first so I'm extremely excited about it! (:



Rebecca said...

I just found your blog and can I just say you're amazing. I went through your whole blog haha. Also, the locations you shoot at are beautiful and I never thought that these places existed here.

Fiona Sng said...

Hello Rebecca! Apologies for this riiiidiculously late reply. Thank you so much, you're so so sweet! And I'm really happy to know you like what you see (:

There're actually quite a bit of lovely places in Sg that you can/ should explore! I promise you, it will be worth the while! <:

Eleanor Thomson said...

Hello! I happen to pop by your blog and I'm so amazed by your photos! It is so beautiful! You have the hands of an artist when it comes to photos.
Do you mind sharing where is this place? I would like to bring my daughter there because she loves this kinds of places.
If it is in Singapore of course because I will be going to Singapore next month!

Fiona Sng said...

Hello Eleanor! You are wayyyyy too kind. I don't deserve such compliments. This is located near Old Seletar Airbase camp. Email me? (: I'll let you know!