Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day out with Winiline

Mine- White Wine Prawn Aglio (oh dear, didn't realise my hands were shaky) ):
Winiline's- Bacon Carbonara
My sister from another mother


#1 Winiline, my younger sister from another mother whom I CANNOT emphasise on how thankful I am for knowing her, though it's only been a short one month but this girl is someone I hold close to heart because she is the sweetest "kid", and I've never once thought I could be this close to someone this young. If I didn't pursue photography, I wouldn't have met her. Thank you, Ash! (if you were to read this)

#2 Pique Nique for brunch and I am missing the salted caramel and red velvet macarons already. I've been pigging out so much lately, it's insane. 

#3 The girl accompanied me to Changi Point Mall to get some shots of the fountain done (was tasked to do!), thank God for her otherwise I'd be bored stiff and probably lost my way somewhere. It's nice because I get to explore somewhere new again. Changi is so ridiculously far from where I reside. 

#4 Some pictures of me because she insisted on wanting to be behind the lens for once and pretend like she is shooting for blogshops. I am, obviously a very failed model please do not judge. It was all in the name of fun! ^_^

#5 Yes I am ridiculously tanned. DON'T remind me.

#6 This is probably the only time I've uploaded my photos soooo quickly cause I spent the night working on the fountain photos. Can you believe we just took these yesterday? 

#7 I wish I had a younger sister/ sibling. 

#8 It's kinda refreshing to have these casual photos up on this space, cause it's been awhile! Benji baby is really quite a bitch to lug out on non-working days. I really should get a compact one soon.

#9 Oh I haveeee to mention, I'm loving my new hair colour! It's Ash Brown/ Green which no one could really tell it was green except for a friend. The green has faded to brown by now, but I love the ash tones, not really accurately portrayed in the pictures here though. I'm going to go even greener when I go for my next hairdye! 



Anonymous said...

Hello Fiona,

Can I know where you get the pair of pink loafers from?

Also, I love your photos and also love how you express yourself (:
p.s especially loving your food entries and couple shoots. Jiayou!

Fiona Sng said...

Hello dear,

I got the pink loafers from DMK. Hahaha, I know that shop doesnt seem to have nice shoes. I only got the pink loafers because my shoes came apart while I was shooting one day and the nearest shop was DMK, so I went in to get! I'm in love with the pink shade now :D

Thank you thank you (: That's really nice and encouraging of you. I'll jiayou I promise!