Thursday, March 21, 2013

Cecilia and Jay

Here are some shots of Cecilia and Jay's wedding last year during October, and it's my second shooting a full day wedding. Very very taxing and challenging, but I learnt quite a fair bit through it and even managed to do a video during the few hours break. A big thank you to Des for assisting me throughout the day. It's amazing how they are both young and may be typically stereotyped to be a shotgun marriage by others, but the ordeals they have been through together is beyond me.

I'll be shooting for Cecilia and her sisters in April and I'm really excited cause it's a concept I've been wanting to try! I hope everything works out nicely as I've visualised.

These few days have been really surreal because I've been so blessed. Thankful for the good things and people that have stepped into my life and I've finally walked away from what I didn't deserve. 

Sometimes the best things come when you least expect it.

Cheers to better days ahead <3


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Mandy Faith said...

Hey dear, I made a feature of your photography on my blog and taken some pictures of yours to upload over there. I hope you don't mind, but if you do I can take them down! :) Have a lovely day, mad love your photos! xx