Tuesday, April 17, 2012

In a world of my own

(Days spent doodling and reading (: )

Yay, I'm done with the examinations and I'm relieved that it all went well! *fistpump + sprinkles confetti* The sleepless nights I toiled through that really made me feel like giving it all up when I'm feeling miserable enough and I had to pry my eyes open at 4am to study when I went to bed at 330am. I was sooo tired, and sick and having all sorts of pains in my body I wanted to cry. When I walked out of the exam hall last night, I had this crazy urge to squeal and do a tiny jump in public, which didn't happen of course (otherwise I'd probably be Stomped).

Perhaps the number one reason why I'm so ecstatic that the exams are over is cause... I can let my emotions flow as and when instead of telling myself, "this can wait till the exams are over. Please don't cry now. Exams should come first." The first thing I did when I reached home was to cry into my bolster. What a complete change of emotion within a span of an hour plus. Misery loves me.


Wenhui said...

Enjoy yourself!!! Haha I still have one more week to go before I can let loose.
Anyway is your hello kitty casing the Sanrio one? I've been looking all over for a cheaper alternative but I can't find it :(

Fiona Sng said...

Hello dear! Haha noooo, none of my HK covers are legit ): Are you only looking for authentic Sanrio ones? <: And hang in there okay! I almost wanted to give up halfway but I'm so relieved it's all over now! (: Your turn will come soon!!!

Amanda said...

yey happy holidays! my 4 months begin after this friday! so excited for your holiday plans! :>

Fiona Sng said...

Hehe hellllllooooo! Happy holidays! ^_^ Omg, 4 months is a loooong one ): Mine's only about a month. Let's have the most fun this hol!