Monday, November 21, 2011

Waiting for some magic (Part One)

Waiting For Some Magic (Part One)

Part one of a little shoot I did for the love birds last Sunday after our brunch. I'll have the photos put up in 2 parts over the next few posts. Sunday was a mad rush against time and the rain and I did not manage to execute about 90% of the plans I had in mind. On a brighter note, Aaron has given his word for a second shoot when he's back in town and we're really hyped.

After countless rounds of scouting, I've finally gotten my ip4s white. ^_^ I'll miss my qwerty keypad terribly.. afterall bb has served me really well for the past 23months. For those who'd like, you can now follow me on Instagram- Smittenpixels for more regular updates! :D

See you on the other side!


Amanda said...

Aww this is so lovely :)

Wenhui said...

Nice photos as usual! Heheh and I miss my bb keypads too! I can't type super fast now :(

Anonymous said...

Your friend got blog? She is very cute and pretty haha

Fiona Sng said...

Amanda: They're the lovely ones! <:

Wenhui: Yesssss ): I have sooo many typo errors now, and I can no longer type non stop on texts and whatsapp etc! ): I have fat thumbs.

Anon: Yes she does! It's And yes, she's beyond cute and pretty. She's very dear to me (:

Anonymous said...

Hi babe! may i know what programme you used to edit all your pictures? thanks, sweet! :D

Anonymous said...

hi babe.. you know where to make the silver necklace that engrave name on it? :)

Fiona Sng said...

Hi, I am using Adobe Photoshop CS5! <:

Hi, I'm not quite sure what kind of necklace you're referring to. Are you talking about those silver pendants with name engraved on it or customized name necklace? Either way, I think you can get them at! I'm currently wearing a customized name necklace given by my friends last year for my birthday! Hope that helps (: