Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Written in the stars (part one)

(Group picture stolen from my mom's FB)

Hola everyone! I'm back in sunny Singapore on the very last day of 2012, and beginning this new year with an extremely backdated adventure trip with the folks to Gardens By The Bay four months back. They always joke about being better off without me photographing cause they have to wait forever for me to put the photos up whereas they can upload instantly to FB with their mobiles. ): I'm now back from both trips, KL and China and feeling a little displaced and unadjusted and already planning my next trip. So much has happened during these 4 months, I've had my roots touched up and new black roots are already growing once again now. My tresses are no longer straight too as I've gotten a perm, which you might already know if you have me on your instagram and I'm looovin' the curls a little too much.

Last night's partying has gotta be one of the best nights of my life in 2012. My homies and I have entered the 10th year of our friendship together while counting down, and we've had so much fun! Thank you for growing up with me, and seeing me through my fattest/ saddest/ self-destructing/ childish/ drunk/ unglam/ irritating moments and still, love me for who I am. I will spare everyone of the whole thanksgiving speech because I've an endless amount of people to thank, which I will do so privately. To sum up the year, it has been better than I can ever ask of in almost every aspects of my life. Undeniably, the troughs have been really terrible. From recovering from a heartache, to being broken by words from someone I once loved, to getting used to a new environment, to fighting my inner demons and health problems, to pulling through university and coping with work. But God has compensated all of these with better things and people in my life. Especially my mother who is starting to be more supportive of my works and has been my moral support while I'm struggling with the downs in life. I've never thought that we could be this close like what we are today, but I'm so thankful that she is now my friend and mother at the same time. I'm extremely blessed in many ways.

Each year, I aim to travel to even more places and explore unknown grounds. I want to go everywhere and experience what mother nature has to offer and capture every bit of goodness. This year, I've managed to strike a number of places off my list and I know I'm on the track to conquering the world bit by bit. Last but not least, I hope for a better and brighter Smittenpixels so that I can live my dreams of doing what I love.

Looking forward to moving things to a greater height. It's the start of a new 365 book, I'll start on a clean slate and write a good one for this. Happy 2013 guise! <:



Anonymous said...

Hi babe, where you got your white top from? are you selling?

Fiona Sng said...

Hi! You can check with my friend on her site www.eleventhparade.tumblr.com! She used to have them but I think it's no longer displayed on the site. However, do drop her an email and she can check for you (: