Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Portrait Session with Nicole Then

Well, I figured you guys must have missed my face so here's a tiny pic spam of me. Nawww, I kid. Here's a portrait session with Nicole Then (check out her works here) done at the end of August as a birthday gift for myself since I've always been behind the lens and it's been a long while since I've been at the front properly (instagram excluded). I was pretty apprehensive about it, but I decided to go ahead with it since I needed some proper portraits for this site anyway!  I was actually in about 4 different outfits including my own but this sweater has got to be my favorite because it feels so snuggly and it's also when I'm starting to feel more comfortable. Nicole shot on both film and digital. I'm a really hard to photograph subject because of the lack of self confidence and I'm extremely un-photogenic so it was pretty hard to get me to relax but I think Nicole did a pretty good job because some of the photos turned out better than I had expected! Kudos to that (:

My favorite shot has got to be the one with Benji covering half my face (no prizes for guessing why) but partly it's cause I really want to be photographed with something that I love all my life and I figured I really want Benji with me. I had intended to have my entire camera collection with me but the rain foiled the outdoor plans so we shot in the studio. When the time permits, I'll be getting down to a shoot with Kat with my entire collection of cameras, and I can barely wait! :D

I'd probably be updating this space a little lesser now because I've been really busy with shoots and school work and exams are round the corner. Come December I'll have something new for y'all so keep your eyes peeled! (:

Cheers to an awesome end of the year


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