Tuesday, November 6, 2012

For my loved ones

For Eileen, my best friend since 11 years old (: I complied an album of photos since we were 13/14  till her 21st party. I actually do have photos of us since we were 11 but I didn't put those photos in there. All photos by me (: All materials used are of old materials and scraps kept over the years. If you do not know, I really take pride in producing scrapbooks made with scraps entirely (: I try to refrain from buying scrap materials as they are costly, so I really like making use of every bit of junk I find that can be reused.

And a birthday message for the girl with our 14 years old faces (:

This, is for my blood sister from another mother. The girl who grew up with me over the past 21 years minus 1 month and 1 day (the difference in our birth days).

And a small collage of our photos since young! :D You could probably tell that our moms like to make us dress like twins when we were kids. Such fond memories which I'm glad neither of us has forgotten. (:

It's been a long while since I last handmade cards, but here are the two whom I would always make for without fail (even though sometimes the cards are quite badly done) because it has already been a custom for us to exchange cards on our birthdays. This year, it's a little different because it's our 21st and I wanted to do something a little different. My dear Lanna, so sorry I couldn't afford the time to do you a card for your birthday! ): I promise one next year <3

My October, November and December are so packed I can barely breathe. But I'm glad I'm about to clear the last project of my life ever, and I can then properly allocate my time to do bigger and better things. I never knew I could be this much of a workaholic. I can't wait for December, something exciting's brewing! I'll put up the Redang photos in the next post once I'm done working on them. There're so many photos I don't even know how much time I'd need to sift through them.

Hope November has been kind to y'all! It's been real awesome for me (,:

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