Monday, August 18, 2014


Hi everyone, I apologise for my absence which really has not been intended. I've been trying to keep things under the wraps for a little too long, but things are a little tight on my side and hence explains the delay.

I've been planning for the big move to a proper domain for the longest time, but time and again I've been delaying it due to the amount of workload I have on hand so I'm really sorry to disappoint my readers who have been regularly checking out this site to only realise I haven't updated since forever. I had wanted to save all my recent works with the launch, but I really have too much on hand to cope but by hook or by crook... It'd definitely be up in September! I'm finally outsourcing a little part of my admin work to someone I trust to help me with, so here's to a better business workflow!

Hope everyone's just as excited as I am! I've lots of new things in store for Smittenpixels to share with all of you guys. (:

Thank you for staying with me all these while.


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