Saturday, February 8, 2014

Instax Mini 90

Here's a mini bite size post before I scoot off for my shoot. Thank you all for the incredible response for two of my precious cameras in the previous post. Both cameras are now sold, and I'm really thankful that the X100S is going to a good friend of mine whom I can trust to love the camera like I did. Sometimes I feel guilty, it's like I'm selling my children away.... I get very emotional when I have to let go of my prized possessions. I'd have kept it if I could. In a span of a month, I've sold 3 of my cameras away. Sorry to those that has expressed interest in the cameras, I have an upcoming camera giveaway in a month's time for everyone to participate. Yes, you heard me! I'm giving away a brand new camera along with other camera-related items. I'll keep you guys updated!

The main point of this post is to feature my newest acquisition- The Mini 90, which I've given thought to for over 3 months if I should get and I caved in. How not to..? It's such a beauty and it's a matchy twin to my X100S. It deserves a picture with it's brother before I hand it over to its new owner. Mehhhh. ):

And Hola my box of 6 Krispy Kreme donuts the best boyfriend on earth got me. This is the second time he has surprised me with it and it's worth the mention because he went the extra mile to put a smile on my face. Despite having an entire day of work and OT till 8pm, he went all the way down to queue for it and even got me 2 oreo ones cause it's my favourite and 3 original glazed (not pictured) before coming all the way to my doorstep to surprise me while I was terribly sick and working my night away. "Ya, I'm tired but while I was queuing, I was happy cause I could imagine how happy you'd be when you see this," he told me.

That, is the sweetest thing that I've heard in the entire week.

Thank you, Daniel. <3

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