Tuesday, June 11, 2013

We lived an adventure, love in the summer (part one)

(part one)

Shooting for Justin and Sharmaine has got to be one of the most tear-jerking shoot I've ever done. You might have already seen some previews on my instagram (smittenpixels) few months back. When I met Sharmaine for the first time, it was amazing how we could click that quickly after exchanging a few words. As the conversations roll on, she told me that she has been reading my blog for the past few years ever since my Livejournal days. She knows my story, and she knows me. Well, yes, even though we will never know a person fully from an online platform, but she knows enough to understand what I've been doing and why I do, what I do. This girl and I, we shared the same passion and the things that I've always loved doing. That is, to live an adventure. It's comforting meeting someone new and I don't have to repeat my life story and engage in small talks, and Sharm has been ever so encouraging and to spur me on to pursue my photography. Thank you for believing in me.

While we were all sweating buckets under the merciless hot sun, arranging our props and stuffs,

I asked Justin,
"Don't you ever get tired of going on adventure trips like that with Sharm? I used to do that a lot too, making my ex boyfriend go under the hot sun with me and my camera just so I can take photos of random things on weekends. I know of guys who complain about it that it's damn hot and are very unwilling to do this."

and he answered,
"Nope, why would I? I mean, it's not like this is some harmful activity or anything. I don't get to spend a lot of time with her usually, and if it makes her happy to do what she likes, then I'm very willing to accompany her."

I almost teared. It brought back so much memories of what I used to love doing but stopped because I no longer have the time to do so, and it was very much what I loved doing with my first boyfriend. And sometimes, going down the memory lane hurts. At the same time, I felt really envious and happy for them because they are living my dream for me. The kind of love they shared is the kind of love I yearned and I am truly truly happy for them. People like them, are the reasons I want to always remember why I started photography and why i fell in love with it in the first place.

Like it takes two to fall in love, it takes two to stay in love.

I'll share the rest of the photos in time to come, but for now while they are miles apart, I'm happy to know that she has something to keep close to heart while Justin is away completing his studies in UK. I know they will be reunited really soon. Happy Anniversary to you lovebirds again! <3


I'm not quite over the extremely hectic week I've had yet, because the worse has yet to come but I'm all ready for it. Sometimes I can't help but wish my life's like my chihuahua's. As I'm typing this, she is laying flat on the floor fast asleep.


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