Monday, April 29, 2013

Crown of Love

Hellllllo, how has everyone been? Sorry for the unintended hiatus of 3 weeks, my macbook has been faulty for the past few weeks and I haven't been able to blog at all amidst my busy schedule for the past weeks. I've finally gotten my own iMac and now my workflow can properly resume and my laptop can be given a proper break for a bit. 

Here are some photos of Peiling and Shixiong, taken last year. Previously, the couples I've shot are my own friends, this is the first time I'm shooting a couple that contacted me to shoot for them almost about a year ago, and the shoot was scheduled close to end of last year. Pretty amazing because they are one of my very very first few clients ever, only that the shoot was scheduled much later. I'm also really thankful because they are such friendly and kind hearted people, and not to mention, extremely camera shy. There were quite a number of hiccups throughout the day, and the most disheartening one was realising that my one of my old favourite spots was no longer around. It started drizzling in the midst of our shoot as well. But they are extremely understanding and nice to talk to, we've become friends since then. Meet for dinner soon, Peiling? I'm sure you're reading this <3

Looking back again, I think I could have done much better in this entire series but I'm keeping them as it is to mark my progress and to remind myself to do better time and again. 

May looks very promising and I'm really happy things are all falling into placed bit by bit. Whatever that seemed like it wasn't making sense, made sense now. Everything bad that happened before that, was a blessing in disguise. The trips I've been planning are materialising, work has been going smoothly, and I'm possibly falling in love all over again and I'm really happy and blissful now. 

I'll be back regularly on this space from now (: Thank you for reading this space still despite the lack of updates! To a fruitful May aheadc and better posts of my recent works! xx


Cherryqq said...

i also want you to shoot me and my bf la :( hahahahah

Fiona Sng said...

Awww bb I want to too!!! Hehe let me know if you want me to okay! :D