Sunday, October 14, 2012

Decadent Dreams part 1

Model: Roseline Loo
(Special thanks to Ben Ng for helping with the setup)

Inside all of us is a wild thing.

I'm still in a bit of a denial that time has passed so quickly... It was two months ago when this shoot was done. All these while this space has been filled with client shoots, but this is entirely different. It's not inspired by anything or anyone, purely an inner desire of letting loose the wild child in me. Too bad I'll never make the cut and I can never pose in front of the lens. Cliche as it sounds, when I met Ross, I was dying to shoot her. I love her inks (something I've been planning for years but has yet to materialize) and the feel she gave. Des and I think she resembles an asian version of Megan Fox. Everyone on Instagram said she is spanking hot, can't agree more. Thank you Ross for being so spontaneous and accommodating (:

If you can't already tell, I just wanted to create a very homely feel in an all white space (like my room :D ) and just showcasing her being... HER. Nothing else. 

The wedding yesterday went well, even though it was a huge rush against time and I managed to churn out a passable video montage in a record-breaking 3 hours, something I never thought I'd be able to do. The rain ruined my outdoor shoot plans for the couple, so we only managed a few in the drizzle. Can't reiterate how much I hate the rain at times. It's my first ever back-breaking full day shoot from 7am- 11pm and I'm thankful the previous two 3/4 day shoots trained my body well. I could barely walk back then, now I'm just experiencing some minor pains. Thank you God for making the impossible possible and a ginormous thank you to Desmond for assisting me throughout (:

Don't y'all love this space for feeding you with eye candies every now and then? (:



Wenhui said...

Omg your room seems so cosy hahaha. And the model is too pretty! Love the teeth-brushing shots :D

Fiona Sng said...

Hahaha nooo silly, i wish it's my room but it isn't! It's a hotel room! Hahaha. Yes, it was the model's idea! But it's something so innovative hehe and I like it too!